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Children Still Working in Sweatshops

A projected 250 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 still work in sweatshops in countries like Haiti, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

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Who Can Help Stop Sweatshops?

If you want to see how and whom can stop sweatshops, and if you believe that equality is everyone’s responsibility

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How iQ Thentic Can Help

iQ Thentic is on the forefront of helping to create a world where you can trace the production of your purchases.

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The Need for Traceability Software

The need for traceability software is important for both producers and consumers.

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Don't Claim it- Prove it!

Fashion has a waste problem. Amit Kalra’s appearance on Ted Talks gives tips to the industry for a more sustainable future.

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What iQ Thentic Means for Cotton

The iQ Thentic platform provides traceability software to empower the cotton industry at every point of the supply chain.

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How an iQ Thentic Empower you?


Well, iQ Thentic is a traceability platform that enables both buyers and sellers with product insights into every point of the supply chain. That means you as a consumer as well as a producer (in every step of the supply chain) can benefit from this platform. Watch the video on the right and you will see what we mean.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

iQ Logistica is your partner in the 4th industrial revolution.

Our objective is to provide you with the systems that you need to ensure that your business (industry-wide) will be able to thrive. If you want more information as to how we will do that, click below.

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Southern African Cotton Industry Gets a Boost

The Sustainable Cotton Cluster (SCC), which was created in 2014 successfully aimed to increase the Southern African cotton industry’s competitiveness, has already enabled product value in excess of R2,4 billion through the participating supply chains, according to Thomas Robbertse, CEO at IQ Logistica, the company which developed the cloud-based SCC Operations Visibility Platform.

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